"(X)Modulix" The Precast Slab Solution


  • The precast concrete module solution with integrated road surface.


  • Continuously supported rail.
  • Recycled rubber interface between rail and surrounding.
  • Noise and vibrations reductions.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Low maintenance system.
  • Lowest life cycle cost and total cost of ownership in its class.
  • Robustness of precasted track.

  • Short construction time in critical network area’s
  • Durability of road pavment and integration of all type of road pavment.
  • Quality of the factory manufacturing.
  • Reduction of on site track installation time due to this all included slab system.


  • Recommended for mixed traffic lanes (tram-bus).
  • DIfferent type’s of existing modules : Standard, 3S (sand, snow, storm), ladder module (grass track), floating slab module.
  • New track, extension of existing track, track renewal.
  • When the speed of installation is a priority.
  • Improves road covering stability.
  • May be combined with floating slap outside or inside the system to maximize noise and vibration isolation performance.

Installation ratio

  • With this method, we can install a large crossing during a single weekend to minimize road and rail traffic disruption.


  • 42 km of single track between 1997 and now including Brussels, Cherleroi, Gent, Paris, SNCF, Saint-Etienne, Athens, Lodtz, Casablanca, Nantes, Bordeaux, …